About Us

About Us

Leading property maintenance service in Melbourne.

Who we are

After several years in the property management industry and speeding countless hours chasing purchase orders and getting maintenance done on time, we realized that we could provide better service if we start our own company.

We offer plumbing, painting and glass repairs and replacements. Some of them could be challenging because of the safety reasons so without a quick reaction a lot of people and especially children were endangered. 
That is why we recruited some of the most skilled trade workers we could find on the market and decided to focus on quick glass replacement. Since then we have established one simple rule:


The safety and satisfaction of our customers and clients always come first.

Our business strategy is focused on attracting new customers but also on having long term, returning customers who are satisfied with the quality and speed of our glass replacement services.

Therefore, our dedicated team will always try to find the right solution for you!

We provide a lifetime warranty on all workmanship.

We are at your disposal 24-7 so feel free to send us an email at info@quickreplace.com.au or give us a call on 0401 411 636!